At Rogers & Moss, we have over 60 years of combined experience representing clients in civil cases. We've achieved an impressive track record of successful wins for our clients in a variety of civil areas, including real estate transactions, estate law, and civil litigation.

Jayme Moss and Bruce Rogers are experts in both federal and Colorado civil law, and they'll stop at nothing to achieve the best possible outcome for every client.

We represent clients in a broad range of areas of civil law, including:

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What is Civil Law?

Civil law is distinct from criminal law, and this can be confusing for people who don't work in a legal field. The biggest distinction is exactly what the law is designed to pursue -- redress or punishment. Criminal law punishes people who break the law by committing crimes like murder, arson, burglary, theft, or embezzlement. Its primary purpose is to maintain stability within society.

Civil law is quite different. It deals primarily with private disputes between individuals. It does not deal with activity that is necessarily illegal, per se. If someone threatens to sue you, their intent isn't to throw you in jail. It's not a matter of punishment, but of compensation. This usually takes the form of financial compensation. Civil law covers areas like negligence and malpractice, personal injury law, estate law, and civil litigation for any of a number of reasons.

If you're involved in a civil case as a plaintiff or a defendant, you need legal representation. You need an experienced attorney with a deep understanding of the quirks and specificities of both federal and Colorado state law.

60 Years of Experience in Civil Law

At Rogers & Moss, Jayme Moss and Bruce Rogers have sixty years of legal experience between them. Over the course of their careers, they've seen just about everything. No matter how strange, unorthodox, or complex your particular case may be, they have the skills and expertise to help you get the best possible outcome.

The Rogers & Moss law firm represents clients in a wide variety of legal cases that concern civil law.

Wills and Trusts

As people get older, they often create a will or a living trust to protect their assets, and to determine what relatives will inherit those assets after they pass away. There are civil laws that govern wills and trusts, and if the documents are not put together correctly, it is possible that they may ultimately not be legally binding.

At Rogers & Moss, we help people understand and create their wills and living trusts, ensuring that the documents will be enforceable.

We help our clients plan for the future by addressing complex issues, such as what happens if the person becomes mentally incapacitated, how ownership of the trust is arranged, and how the trust will be administered upon death, and how a living trust is interrelated with a person's will.

It's never too early to start planning ahead for your family's financial security in a worst-case scenario. Even if old age and death seem far ahead of you, you never know what could happen. Creating a will or a living trust can give you and your family a guarantee of financial security and peace of mind.

We also assist clients in putting together advanced directives, also known as a living will. These documents specify your wishes if you are incapacitated and cannot make your own decisions about your medical care. It addresses complex issues like life support, and it can be of great benefit for anyone, regardless of your current age.

Contract Law

When you arrange with another party to exchange currency for goods or services on an ongoing basis, you need a contract. A legally binding contract can help protect your interests, and contracts are applied in a wide variety of common situations that nearly everyone encounters during their life. Having a contract attorney on your side can be very helpful in these kinds of situations.

At Rogers & Moss, we help clients create and review contracts to ensure that all of the terms are both favorable and legally enforceable.

Civil Litigation

If you're involved in a lawsuit in any way, you need a civil litigation attorney. We can advise you on your best options and course of action, and if the case does go to court, we will represent you.

There are several types of situations where you may find yourself in need of a civil law attorney, including:

  • Alimony
  • Personal injury
  • Debt settlement
  • Discrimination

When you need an experienced civil lawyer who can advocate for you in a case, Rogers & Moss is there for you.

Business Law for Startups

Another area of civil law concerns the legal aspects of businesses. With Boulder, Colorado being a rapidly growing hotspot for new tech startups, Rogers & Moss are the legal team that local businesses need.

Startups in Boulder face legal concerns surrounding issues like intellectual property, the allocation of risk, responsibility for debts, contract creation and enforcement, and many other aspects of running a business.

Having an experienced civil lawyer on your side can be an indispensable asset for your business. Business law is very complex, with many intricacies that can easily trip up people who aren't legal experts. A business lawyer knows the law backwards and forwards, and can help you make sure that your decisions are the best possible choice for the future of your business.

Advocating for Our Clients in Civil Legal Cases

At Rogers & Moss, our job is to advocate for our clients, helping each person ensure that their own best interests are protected. Whether you're going through a difficult divorce and need help with alimony arrangements, or you're facing a lawsuit as a defendant, we're here for you.

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